About Us

Elmes started in 1975 as a family-run business. Over the years Elmes grew and carved out a niche as a custom thermoforming company, producing a variety of trays and packaging for numerous industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Precision Parts Manufacturers, Electronics, Food, Consumer Retail Packaging, and Pharmaceuticals.

In 2019 a small group of private investors, led by Eero Laakso, purchased the company. What they found was a solid business that offered solutions and delivered value to its diverse and impressive client base.

Elmes specializes in thin gauge plastic thermoforming – working with several materials such as PET, RPET, PVC, ABS, HIPS and ESD. Once the appropriate design, thickness, and material itself are chosen, the aluminum production molds and tooling are created and manufacturing begins.

By working with talented designers specialized in thermoforming who understand the client’s product and what’s needed for its shipping, delivery and presentation, Elmes Packaging design is typically superior, aesthetically pleasing, purposeful, and sturdier with the given material thickness. Elmes Packaging operates smoothly and efficiently delivering a quality product timely and responsibly.

The efficiency of this process allows the company to deliver the product significantly quicker and less expensively than the competitors. The turn around from initial meeting with a client to concept, prototypes, to manufacturing usually takes 3-6 weeks.

Aside from the strong manufacturing service Elmes Packaging has a proud history of diverse team members, strong partnerships with clients,  innovative design, quality parts, and timely delivery to all which the entire staff is committed to continue to grow and develop the company.

Elmes Packaging is an environmentally conscious company utilizing recycled materials to create the products and then once again recycle the off cuts.