About Us

Elmes Packaging was founded in 1975 by Frank Elmes as a contract packaging company. Frank soon recognized the need to integrate his contract packaging business with a package manufacturing facility and since the majority of the packaging they had been filling was vacuum formed, that was a natural progression.

The contract packaging portion of the plant was eventually replaced with more advanced, state of the art thermoforming machinery. Elmes Packaging now has a variety of machinery to accommodate a wide range of thermoforming applications and secondary operations like custom trimming and decoration.

Frank was succeeded in the business by his son Tim, who grew up in the business and continued in the fine tradition of quality and innovation begun by his father.

Elmes Packaging was acquired in early 2007 by Richard Hierman who has an extensive background in a variety of packaging medium, including thermoforming, injection moulding, folding cartons and corrugated displays.

Later Richard Hierman sold the company to an investor group led by Eero Laakso in February of 2019 . Laakso has previously worked in the manufacturing industry and has a good knowledge about thermoforming and the plastic packaging industry.

Elmes Packaging has a proud history of innovative design, quality parts, and timely delivery to which our entire staff are committed to continue.