Elmes Packaging creates its’ products via a process called Thermoforming. Plastic sheet-stock is heated until pliable, and then vacuum-formed using custom aluminum tooling into a variety of shapes, depending on the desired application. The material is then cooled and trimmed using a custom die to create the finished product.

Thermoforming is a flexible process that allows for the use of a variety of plastics depending on desired qualities (food-safe, anti-static, heat resistant, etc.), and has low lead times and fixed costs. Especially when compared to injection molding in comparable applications, thermoforming excels in providing value and allowing for a quick turnaround.

Elmes Packaging has been thermoforming for over 30 years, and in that time we have been faced with almost every conceivable type of thermoforming project across a wide variety of industries and applications. We are sure that we can deliver effective customized solutions for whatever project our clients bring to us. We love finding new ways to use the thermoforming process to deliver effective solutions for situations such as retail packaging, food storage, industrial shipping/WIP trays, as well as other specialized applications. For examples of some of the products we have created in the past see our gallery.